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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you wish to know? Find common questions asked below. Laptop doctor makes sure to update these for better user experience.

1- What if the laptop doctor’s representative arrives later than the quoted time?

Simply Email us or Call us to lock your complain with your order ticket number, Laptop Doctor will compensate you with a free doorstep service, you shall not be charged Rs.200.

2- What if I need a RAM and don’t know my model Number?

It's not neccessary to enter a Model Number to Place an Order. Go to the page Shop Now and simply select what you need Or type in Others, Place an Order and get it at your Doorstep.

3- What type of queries I can write in others on repair page?

Any type of issues related to your Laptop You are facing. Try to be precise and to the point while mentioning problems you are facing. For example "My laptop was fallen from height and now it's display is creating problems."

4- What if I am not able to fill the form to place an order?

It's not neccesary to place order through Website, You may simply call us at(0332) 5273620 and place your Order.

5- What is meant by Service charges on every Order placed i.e. Rs.200?

Laptop Doctor provides Doorstep services to its customers and facilitates it's users in this regard. For this, Laptop Doctor charges a small amount of Rs.200 per Order.

6- How can I get discounts?

Be our Regular Customer and get Promo Codes that will help you avail handsome discount offers.

7- What if my laptop is taken to the Lab and then I don’t want to get it repaired? How much will I need to pay then?

Other then the basic service charges of Rs200, customer will have to pay additional amount of Rs250 for the Diagnosis of issue done in our Lab.

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